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Powder Coating Services

Our company in the powder coating market since August 2017.

The company's core business is to provide powder coating services using modern equipment for the preparation and painting of metal.

Oven inner size 7.5m x 1.7m x 2.25m.

The maximum size of products we can perform is 7.3m x 1.65m x 2.1m (LxWxH).

Infrared oven large polymerization allows to paint large volumes of products in a short time (up to 300m2 per day).

One of the main advantages of our work are:

- Reasonable prices;
- We guarantee excellent quality of work;
- Extremely accurate deadlines;
- Personal attention to each client.

Start cooperation on powder coating of metal with us, and you do not want to look for another company.

Modern powder paint allows to obtain coatings with varying degrees of gloss (up to the mat), as well as surfaces with different structures, and the color you need. In our work, we use the RAL color catalog.

The advantages of powder coating, is a higher level of protection to the effects of the environment, scratches, corrosion, chemical and mechanical damage.

Blast Shooting
1. Pre-Treatment

Metal preparation for painting

Powder Coating
2. Powder coating

High quality surface coating with powder

Thermal treatment
3. Thermal treatment

Polymerization oven, with the modern automatic control, allows to maintain accurate time and temperature conditions required to achieve high quality coating.